Alaska Music Gardens

Administration of arts, education programs, and permaculture lands, with the aim of healthy happy life.

Human Manure Composting

The key to soil fertility and healthy human life.

See Joe Jenkins' book,

‚ÄčThe Humanure Handbook

Fiddle - Lindianne's students become fiddlers able to play along with a band, solo, and accompany.

Piano - Accompany other players, play subtle background music, or stand out as a soloist.  Church music or popular music.

Guitar & Ukulele - Learn chording and read melodies.  Sing along.  Play with other musicians or solo.

Music Theory - Lindianne's simple music theory book, Understanding Music, teaches practical basics:  the Circle of Fifths, chord formulas, chord progressions, intervals, working with chord charts.

Music Composition - Lindianne has composed scores for two Alaskan documentaries, Arctic Son and Arctic Daughter.  Study composition and polish your own tunes for the market!


A system of ethics and

principles connecting people to land and each other, eventuating in permanent culture.

See Lindianne's book,

The Economy of Permanent Culture

The Celtic Cats of Homer (guitar, fiddle, keyboard, melodica, & vocals).