With more than 40 years of experience in music education, Lindianne Sarno provides unique instruction.  Students learn to improvise and work from chord charts as well as read music.

Lindianne's new book, Understanding Music, was released November 24, 2017 at the ReadAlaska Book Fair.  This brief, clear book guides the classically trained musician from dependence on sheet music to an ability to play by ear and improvise. 

This book brings classical musicians and beginners into the world of jazz and improvisation!

History/permaculture bio:

Lindianne Sarno is the eldest daughter of the late John Ernest Sarno, MD, revered New York physician who taught his patients to heal back pain by acknowledging that their own rage, stress and frustration cause painful muscle spasms.  The Sarno clan are spiritual, musical, Jesus-loving fishers of fish and of men.  Lindianne’s mother Penny Patt Sarno’s father was born a Jew in Alexandria, Egypt.

Lindianne studied history and politics at Princeton University with Sidney Davis and Walter Francis Murphy, attended Cardozo School of Law in its early years, worked at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, The Conference Board and First Boston Corporation before departing for the country and eventually the west coast to grow food.  She earned a design certificate in drylands permaculture from Dan Dorsey and Brad Lancaster in Tucson, and cooked on a wood stove for the appropriate technology crew at Aprovecho Institute in Cottage Grove. 

Lindianne grew food in Ash Valley, Oregon, Olympia, Washington, Santa Cruz, California, Tucson, Arizona, and Homer, Alaska.  Currently Lindianne and her neighbors are organizing Alaska Music Gardens to administer education programs, own lands, oversee a “land for the use of” program, connect people to land, and teach permaculture to local groups/work units.  

Lindianne is a musician: piano, guitar, ukulele, fiddle, drum, songwriter, Alaskan film composer for films Arctic Son, Arctic Daughter (featured at the 2017 Anchorage International Film Festival).  Lindianne is currently engaged in composing music for the third film in this series, Rewilding Kernwood.  Lindianne’s books, published by Music Garden Press, include:  

Greensleeves, an Historical Novel of the First Irish Diaspora, 2006
The Alaskan Woodcarver’s Wife, A Tale of Pot, Patriots, Passion, and PTSD, 2016
Understanding Music, Classical Trained Musicians and Beginners Can Play by Ear (2017)
The Truth about Genetically Modified Foods (2017)
The Economy of Permanent Culture (2017)

In 2017 Lindianne purchased 1.22 acres of gently sloping, south facing, forest and meadow with a natural spring on the land, on the Homer bench at 750’ elevation in the Greer Road neighborhood.  Lindianne is Donating the Use of the Music Garden to the economy of permanent culture local group/work unit to be nourished from this land. 

Now, in 2018 we plan, buy seeds, map the contours of the land, design water harvesting swales and french drains to structure the land, book earth movers, purchase supplies like canning jars, stock up on used building materials, design greenhouses.  

Meanwhile, through internet promotion of the Economy of Permanent Culture, local groups who adopt the permaculture ethics and principles can converge onto lands under “Land for the Use of” Contracts administered by permaculturists.  Our mottos: safety first and sound permaculture design.  No accidents, no boo-boos.  

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